Safe Ship Moving Services: A Safety Checklist for Everyone

Safe Ship Moving Services: Safety Should Be Your Priority

Safe Ship Moving Services says that during your move to a new home, your priority should be safety above all else. While getting all your stuff from one place to another is the goal, safety is one of the aspects of moving that should never be overlooked.
Here are three very important safety precautions you have to observe on the day of the big move, as shared by Safe Ship Moving Services.

Check all the paths in and out of your home leading to the moving truck.

People often overlook all the routes that lead to the moving vehicle if they are clear of obstacles. Many of them find out in the middle of moving all the stuff and go through the extra hassle of clearing everything the day itself, says Safe Ship Moving Services.

Protect yourself and your movers from possible dangers and incidents by checking and double-checking the route before the move. Be sure to plan and inspect your route. Make sure there is nothing that you could trip on and no spaces that are too tight to fit everything through- especially the bigger stuff like furniture and huge appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioning units. Also, make sure that there are no other boxes in the way.

Clear all moving supplies such as rolls of tape, unpacked items, or broken down boxes that are scattered since they can also get in the way.

As for the outside area of your home, before you start moving, you must make sure you’ve checked the area for patches of water, mud, or ice as well.

Ask your family or friends if they can take care of your children and pets when you move the boxes into the vehicles.

Sure, there are ways children can help with a move, such as organizing, taping, and even packing boxes, but they should never attempt even helping to move heavy items and furniture. The sea of moving boxes always seems like a fun place to play for children or even your pets, but it is certainly not the right place for them to run and play around.

According to Safe Ship Moving Services, the ideal way to ensure no children or pets are hurt during the move would be to remove them entirely from the area. A good idea is to have a friend or relative watch your children or pets for the day.

Look for the right clothes and gear to wear during moving day.

When it comes to safety during the move, your clothes matter.

Wear comfortable clothes with flexible and breathable fabric. Don’t wear baggy clothing because they may easily get hooked onto something. It’s also important that you wear a closed pair of shoes. It will provide a good level of support and keep your toes and feet protected. Avoid flip-flops or, worse, heels.

As for additional gear, Safe Ship Moving Services says that there are two more items worth getting.

Work gloves. can help you grip objects better. They also protect your hands from nails, dirt, splinters, or other items during the moving process. Tool belts, on the other hand, can be a helpful tool for keeping things like tape, markers, and screwdrivers, as well as any other tool that you need. Your productivity can be hindered if you’re always running around looking for things. With the tool belt, they’ll always be around you.

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